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General Information Edit

Name: Zeyrila Dragomyth

Race: Vystrian Elf

Age: 63

Loyalty: Vystrian

Sexual Orientation: Unknown

Appearance Edit

Fantasy avatar

Hair: She has long, curly, flowing hair that reaches to her mid-back. It is a deep purple in color, and is usually let down, with a single braid going back the center.

Eye Color: Dark Purple

Description: Despite most people thinking 63 years as old, Zeyrila is but a child to other elves. She is slender, with slight muscles. She has pointed eyebrows, and a more pointed ear than most Vystrian Elves.

Powers Edit

Personality Edit

In public, Zeyrila acts tough as nails, like that no one and nothing can hurt her no matter what. But inside, she is a very sensitive and caring person, although it is very, very rare that she shows this side of herself to the public, thinking it would weaken her.

Strengths Edit

Weaknesses Edit

Fears Edit

Family Edit

Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

History Edit

She was born to two elven guards, who loyally served Queen Verridith and her kingdom. She grew up training to be like her parents; A loyal soldier for the queen, being taught by the very finest. Her parents considered her a protege, able to defeat many other, adult, soldiers. And she continued her childhood like this, until she learned something terrible about her mother.

One night, she found her mother sacrificing her father in some dark ritual in the basement. From that day, she ran away and lived in the woods. She learned to live off the land, befriend wild creatures and survive on her own. Her two loyal companions, a Felidae and Owl, were some of the first friends she encountered. If she ever saw her mother again, she would kill her.

Gallery Edit

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