Ri'Omkir is Khamnin's first character made! Please do not use or alter anything on this page without his consent.

General Information Edit

Name: Ri'Omkir Khamnin

Race: 50% Dryad | 50% Maercon Centaur

Age: 32

Loyalty: Undecided

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Appearance Edit

Khamnin by xikhara-dani686

Credit: Xikhara

Hair: She has semi-long hair, reaching below her shoulders. It is green in color, with a scattered flower or two of various colors in it that die and regrow annually. If you feel it, it is much like a leaf or grass.

Eye Color: Deep Red

Description: She has a green toned skin color on her humanoid torso; with elongated and pointed ears. Instead of nails for fingernails, she has wood, which can be used to cut her enemies. Her feline torso resembles the body of a panther, but the fur feels like grass or leaves, much like her hair. Her tail is several feet long, able to hold her in a tree for a matter of minutes, but anything longer than that and it will break off. The claws on the feline torso are also made of wood, like her humanoid nails.

Powers Edit

Fauna Manipulation - Due to her Dryad lineage, she was born with the ability to control Fauna. She can rapidly grow it, and make it much tougher than it naturally was. She can grow a tree rapidly so it produces apples and food, or a vine so fast it and strong it will capture anyone and hold them there, and can even make it grow thorns to injure the said person. She never tested her limits, but she knows she can do plenty of damage. Once, she even made a tree grow so it was a shield.

Animal Bonds - Again, due to her spiritual Dryad lineage, she is able to befriend many animals throughout the wilds. Even sentient animals, such as were-beasts and dragons, she can calm down, although it sometimes does not work, especially with dragons. Most non-sentient animals can be convinced into helping her fight, although she rarely does this, as she hates to see wildlife harmed.

Personality Edit

Ri'Omkir Khamnin is a very kind and caring person. She cares about all living things, even her enemies, and won't kill unless it is forced upon her. At first meeting, she may seem a little shy to people who just meet her, but once you get to know her, she becomes outgoing and friendly. If she sees anyone destroy fauna or kill animals without reason, she will tell you what you did wrong, and if you keep doing it, she might even attack you.

Strengths Edit

Weaknesses Edit

Fears Edit

Family Edit

History Edit

Ri'Omkir was born from a unique bonding between a Centaur and a Dryad. She was raised deep in the jungles of Millirand. Her father was a Maercon Centaur that led a herd who lived in the forests; while her mother was a neighboring Dryad who often interacting with the herd. Her mother saved her fathers life early in their friendship, saving him from the beasts of the woods. This brought them closer, and him, knowing he needed a heir, decided to pair with her. They soon found a way to have a child, who they named Ri'Omkir.

They raised her together, her mother becoming an honorary herd member. The thing they did not expect was her powers. They thought only pure Dryads could receive them, but here was their daughter, controlling small flowers for fun. From that day, her mother became stricter, knowing that her powers were dangerous to not only others, but to herself. Although she was strict, she did teach her to use them better.

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